Roof and Shingle repair

Roof and Shingle repair:

RFS is a leader in the home improvement industry, providing the highest quality roof repairs to customers throughout Sudbury.

This is roof repair done right.

There are a number of situations in which a home or business owner may be in need of roof repair – from a pesky leak that doesn’t seem to have any clear source of origin to outside elements beginning to affect interior temperatures due to a problem – and in these scenarios, it’s important to have an experienced local company that knows what they’re doing on the job. That’s where RFS comes in. No matter what nature throws at a roof, we can fix it.

Shingles, particularly asphalt shingles, remain the most common roof surface for residential structures due to their myriad of benefits, including affordability, versatility, ease-of-cutting/fitting/fastening, low maintenance, durability, relative light weight, curb appeal and a wide selection of colors and sizes.

One of RFS' primary services is shingle repair and installation, and we offer these services year-round to assist customers who may be in need of such approaches in the brutal winter months. Shingle roofs have become a popular and inexpensive material that is used on millions of homes in Canada and the U.S., and it’s a material that has improved greatly over the years to the point that it can be a good fit for more types of homes than ever before.

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