About us

About us:

RFS has been providing quality services for our valued community since the beginning, with contractors who are committed to delivering the best workmanship and service on every project – regardless of scope. We offer a broad selection of services for flat roofs, industrial, residential and commercial sectors and boast all of the equipment necessary to handle any project, including a full range of access hardware.

This approach ensures projects are completed in a timely manner while also guaranteeing no additional costs in the form of equipment hires or extra services – which isn’t always the case with other contractors. Our formula is simple: Superior standards for performance + Energy Star-certified solutions = cool, leak-free, energy-saving assets.

A roof protects the home, and when it suffers damage, homeowners will need the help of a reliable company that doesn’t cut corners. RFS is an experienced, professional Sudbury business that everyone can trust to perform repairs, replacements, inspections or other related work, bringing the commercial and residential experience needed to expertly take care of all needs.

We offer:

• Respectable warranties
• Up-front pricing
• Professionalism
• Impeccable levels of customer service
• Sweeping range of services

What enables us to stand apart from other Sudbury roofing companies? For one, an overwhelmingly powerful emphasis on quality over quantity, our roofing contractors always treating every client’s home as if it were their own. Secondly, we pride ourselves on professionalism, integrity, knowledge and showing clients the same respect we’d expect for ourselves – that means valuing everyone’s time and property, while exuding a desire to help each customer find a solution that improves their home…and their enjoyment of it.

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